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Lancaster County

Sheriff's Office

Law Enforcement

Sheriff Barry S. Faile

Crime Prevention



The Criminal Investigations Division is responsible for major case investigations including homicide, robbery, burglary, financial crimes and all other crimes that require in-depth investigations. The Sheriff’s Office CID is under the command of Captain Mike Miller who is assisted by Lt. Jennifer RumbaughLt. Ed Lockhart, and Lt. Aaron Carroll.

The Criminal Investigations Division investigates reports of criminal activity and works with all local, state and federal agencies to bring offenders to justice. To accomplish this mission, the work of the CID is divided into several specialty areas:

1. Drug Task Force
2. Gang Task Force
3. Criminal Investigations
4. Sex Crimes Unit
5. Juvenile Crimes


Drug Task Force

The members of the Lancaster County Drug Task Force are dedicated to providing the highest quality of local drug enforcement aimed to improve quality of life while affording a safe and secure environment within Lancaster County. The Drug Task Force assertively enforces State and Federal drug laws while protecting the rights of all and applying the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and accountability. The Drug Task Force pledges to develop a partnership with the community to resolve problems and improve the safety and quality of life for everyone in Lancaster County.

The Lancaster County Drug Task Force is a multi-jurisdictional task force that aggressively investigates drug dealers from the street corners to the organized criminal enterprises operating in Lancaster, York, Chester and Chesterfield Counties. The Drug Task Force has been enforcing drug laws since 1991 when the Drug Task Force was formed under a grant received by the federal government. The Drug Task Force works with all local, state and federal agencies to reach its goal of a drug free community.

If you have information on an individual or individuals involved in illegal drug activity, please call 803-283-4191. You may remain anonymous.



Crime Prevention

Deputy Bill Murphy is assigned as the Crime Prevention Deputy for the Lancaster County Sheriff's Office. These duties include Crime Prevention, Community Services, Project Lifesaver and the Crossroads Program. Deputy Murphy teaches classes on topics such as Personal Safety, Drugs, Violence in the Work Place, Church Safety and starting a Neighborhood Watch.

For Information or assistance contact Deputy Murphy through info listed below:

Bill Murphy

P. O. Box 908
Lancaster, S. C. 29720
Phone: 803-313-2148

K-9 Team


The Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office currently deploys two K-9 teams that consist of a bloodhound and a multi-purpose drug dog and their handlers. These teams are National certified in their respective fields and undergo constant training to maintain their proficiency. The K-9 handlers are comprised of select deputies from the Patrol Division within the department and are subject to callout 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The K-9 teams fall under the supervision of Captain Eric Jaillette in the Patrol Division.

 K-9 Teams

"Daisy Mae" is the K-9 teams' bloodhound who has been highly trained and received her National Certifications from the National Police Bloodhound Association. This Team is used to find criminal suspects and missing persons. They search open areas, track suspects that have fled from a crime scene and locate any evidence that a suspect leaves behind. Using their keen sense of smell, a bloodhound can search faster, safer, while using less manpower, and more accurately than officers alone.

"Sultan" is the K-9 teams' multi-purpose drug dog.  Sultan is highly trained and certified in multiple fields.  Sultan is trained to locate narcotics, track criminal suspects, and apprehend criminal suspects.  Sultan is a Belgian Malinois who has a keen sense of smell and high drive to work.  Sultan's special abilities greatly enhance officer safety during dangerous situations.  



The Lancaster County Sheriff's Office Patrol Division is led by Captain Eric Jaillette and is responsible for  patrolling 549 square miles and providing services and protection for the estimated 93,000 residents within the  county 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week. The Deputies of the Patrol Division are the most visible representatives  of the Lancaster County Sheriff's Office as they patrol an estimated 85,000 miles each month. 

The Patrol Division is divided into 3 districts that separate the county. District 1 includes the northern area of the  county (Indian Land/Van Wyck). District 2 is comprised of the Lancaster area. District 3 includes the southern  end area of the county (Kershaw and Heath Springs). 

In January of 2013 the Sheriff's Office launched a crime control initiative known as CrimeTRAC. CrimeTRAC is  a data driven crime control process that uses crime data and a clear management and accountability structure  to reduce crime and improve the quality of life for citizens. CrimeTRAC focuses on identifying problems specific  to individual communities and using innovative tactics and techniques to address those issues.


The Patrol Division is divided into 3 districts with each district having a District Commander who is responsible for patrol operations within that district. Within each district are four shifts of deputies who are assigned to that district. Each of those four shifts is supervised by a district Sergeant.


Some of the many patrol functions include community policing, traffic enforcement, DUI investigation, Community Services and investigating crimes. The Sheriff’s K-9 teams, Negotiations Team and SWAT Team are comprised of select deputies from the Patrol Division. The Patrol Division provides services countywide and assists other law enforcement agencies when requested.

Off Duty/Extra Duty Details

Patrol also offers Off-Duty Detail opportunities for community event organizers requiring traffic assistance or additional security. All Off-Duty Security details must be approved through Major Matt Shaw at 803-313-2156.


Street Crime Unit

The Street Crime Unit is comprised of officers dedicated to identifying and solving problems within the community. Captain Eric Jaillette supervises the Street Crime Unit. The Street Crime Unit consists of uniformed officers and serves as one of the most proactive community policing initiatives ever implemented in Lancaster County. The primary premise of the Street Crime Unit is to focus on the root of problems and identify which crimes lead to secondary crimes. The Street Crime Unit members gather information through connections with other law enforcement organizations and the public. By targeting the root of a problem, the Street Crime Unit members are able to impact the problem before it spreads. The partnerships formed by the Street Crime Unit members establish trust between the community and the Sheriff’s Office. The Street Crime Unit also includes the two officers assigned to the a Traffic Safety Grant and DUI Enforcement Grant.  Anyone with information benefiting the fight against crime should contact Captain Eric Jaillette at 803-313-2157.


The Lancaster County Sheriff's Office SWAT Team is a team comprised of deputies at the Sheriff's Office who volunteer to complete additional training and respond to high risk situations. All operators are required to complete a basic SWAT school and attend monthly training sessions in order to maintain the high level of preparedness required by SWAT.

The objective of the SWAT team is to utilize the minimum amount of force necessary to achieve a successful conclusion of an operation, with minimum hazard to citizens, property, and the deputies involved.

The following are examples of situations that, by their nature, may require the deployment of the Special Weapons and Tactics Unit:

• Armed suspect with hostage
• Barricaded gunman or suspected barricaded gunman
• Sniper or suspected sniper
• High risk felony arrest warrants
• Secure buildings in the service of search warrants
• Use of chemical agents
• Riot or potential riot
• VIP security/security of life threatened citizens
• High risk prisoner transportation
• Jail uprising
• The mission of the LCSO SWAT Team is to save lives.


The Lancaster County Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT) is comprised of officers from the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office. The team members are required to respond on a 24/7 basis for crisis situations that occur within Lancaster County. A crisis situation includes: suicidal and/or barricaded subjects, hostage situations, high-risk warrants, emotionally disturbed individuals and any other situation deemed necessary on a case by case basis.

The CNT typically responds with the Lancaster Metro Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Team. This ensures that the officers responsible for talking to the individuals in crisis are kept safe and can concentrate on their assignment knowing that they have protection from the potential threat posed from that individual.

The CNT members are all required to attend a 40-Hour Basic Negotiation Course. Numerous training days are held throughout the year to enhance team response. This includes classroom training, equipment drills and scenario-based training exercises.

Crime Scene Unit

In August of 2009, Sheriff Barry Faile started the county’s first dedicated crime scene unit with the help of federal grant funds. The grant funding provided for the hiring of three full-time crime scene investigators.

Three vans were also purchased with grant monies. The vans, which were custom made to the specifications provided by the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office, allow the crime scene investigators to have all tools needed to complete the processing of any major crime scene. The vans also have a small workspace with power outlets for a laptop and printer to allow the officers to complete reports in the field.

This grant funding allowed the crime scene investigators to attend a ten-week intensive and inclusive forensic science training held at the National Forensics Academy at the University of Tennessee. When they graduated from the nationally renowned academy, they joined only five other officers to have ever completed the training from the state of South Carolina. Since then a fourth investigator has been added to the unit.

Crime Scene Unit
k-9 Team
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