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Lancaster County

Sheriff's Office

Sheriff Barry S. Faile

Detention Center


The Lancaster County Detention Center (LCDC) houses unsentenced inmates awaiting trial as well as inmates sentenced to less than 90 days incarceration. Family Court inmates are housed at the Lancaster County Detention Center for the duration of their sentence regardless of the length of their sentences.

The Lancaster County Detention Center is located at 1941 Pageland Hwy. in Lancaster, South Carolina. Questions about the Detention Center can be directed to 803-283-2084.  

Bond Hearings 

Bond hearings are held each day of the week at the Lancaster County Magistrate's Office at 9:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. Bond Hearings are conducted using video conferencing with the Detention Center. Bond Hearings only will be held during these times. No warrants or other court matters will be considered. For all other court matters, visit Central Court located at 761 Lancaster Bypass East in Lancaster.   Any questions about Bond Hearings may be directed to 803-416-9483.  

Inmate Search

Citizens can search for currently incarcerated inmates using the following link.  Click Here


Inmate Mail

The Lancaster County Detention Center contracts with Smart Communications to provide MailGuard electronic mail services.  Mailguard is a quick and efficient way for inmates to receive letters and photos electronically.  Effective May 17, 2021, inmate postal mail must be sent to the following address:


Lancaster County Detention Center

Adam Smith #123456 (Example inmate)

PO BOX 9106 

Seminole, Florida 33775-9106

The inmates' name and booking/ID number must be clearly printed on the outside of the envelope or post card to ensure the mail is posted to the correct account. Please see the inmate document on this page for more information.  

Legal mail, court documents, bank statements, and publications will continue to be sent directly to the facility at P.O. Box 908 Lancaster, SC 29720.  

Inmate Funding

Funding for inmates can now be applied online by clicking here. 

Inmate Telephone System

The LCDC uses SMART Communications to provide the inmate telephone system for the facility.  You can set up an account or add money to an account by clicking here or calling 1-888-843-1972.

Community Services

 Inmate Labor

Sentenced inmates housed at the LCDC provide a variety of services to the citizens of Lancaster County – the most common being litter pick-up. LCDC inmates also process recyclable materials. LCDC is dedicated to saving taxpayers’ money by utilizing inmates to a greater extent. 


The staff at LCDC offers fingerprinting services during the following times (There is a $5 charge).  You must provide your own cards :

Tuesday: 9:00 am-11:00 am

Wednesday 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Thursday 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Saturday 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm

Inmate Visitation 

General Information

The LCDC uses SMART Communications to provide the video visitations for the facility.  You can set up an account or add money to an account by clicking here or calling 1-888-843-1972.  


Visitation Information and Rules


Must sign up for an account and receive approval from the Visitation Department.  Visitor must provide a valid state issued photo Identification card. (This can be a Driver's License or ID Card and name must match to account).  A picture of yourself (No filters, no sleeveless shirts, and nothing covering your head.)

All individuals requesting visitation must be 18 years of age and present a valid government issued photo identification during the initial registration process.

All visitors are allowed to have one visit a day per account.  This may change based on usage / volume.  There are 4 kiosks available for use at the Detention Center for use between 1:30 pm and 3:30 pm.  You must present your id for admittance.

Absolutely no Driving while performing a video visit.

Absolutely no recording or taking pictures while session is in progress.

The view of a cell phone will terminate visitation privileges. 

Any children visiting must follow the rules.

No nudity, provocative clothing, or tight-fitting clothing will be allowed during the visit. Violators will face termination of visiting privileges. 

Loud talking, excessive emotionalism, gang signs or any type of disruptive behavior will not be permitted.

Visitors appearing to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will face termination of their visiting privileges.

Anyone violating the above rules will have their account suspended / banned, at the Detention Center Directors discretion.

If you need additional assistance with video visitation you can contact 1-888-843-1972.  Detention Center staff cannot assist with visitation / phone issues.

PREA: Prison Rape Elimination Act

The LCDC is committed to the safety and security of its inmate population and staff.  The LCDC has a zero tolerance policy against sexual misconduct, consensual sexual contact, sexual abuse, sexual, and rape by inmates against another inmate or by any staff inmate against an inmate.

Detention Documents

Prison Rape Elimination Act Report

Prison Rape Elimination Brochure

Prison Rape Elimination

Brochure (Spanish)

Inmate Mail

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