Most Wanted

Lancaster County

Sheriff's Office

Sheriff Barry S. Faile


Shannon Hancock

Age: 43  Sex: F  Hgt:   Wgt: 


Last Known Address:  

1431 Potter Rd., Lancaster SC


Wanted For: 

Family Court Bench Warrant - owes $30,043.28

James Lamar Hemphill

Age: 29  Sex: M  Hgt: 5'11"  Wgt: 180


Last Known Address:  

412 Miller St.


Wanted For: 

Criminal sexual conduct with a minor (x2)

Richard Allen Kampen

Age: Born 1960  Sex: M  Hgt: 6'00"  Wgt:220


Last Known Address:  

Woodland Dr. Lancaster


Wanted For: 

Sexual Exploitation of a Minor 

Donntrey Ingram

Age: Born 1994  Sex: M  Hgt: 5'10"  Wgt:170


Last Known Address:  

Paladin Rd. Lancaster


Wanted For: 

Burglary, Kidnapping 

Abel Morgado-Mendez

Age: Born 1961  Sex: M  Hgt: 5'06"  Wgt:160


Last Known Address:  

Lee St. Lancaster


Wanted For: 

General Sessions Bench Warrant Criminal Sexual Conduct

Chris Demond Carter

Age: Born 1985  Sex: M  Hgt: 6'00"  Wgt:185


Last Known Address:  

Lynwood Dr. Lancaster


Wanted For: 

Burglary 1st Degree 

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Keon Howze

Age: Born 1991 Sex: M  Hgt:  6'0'' Wgt: 175

Last Known Address:  

Caskey Ln. Lancaster, SC


Wanted For: 

Attempted Murder

Thomas Neal Wheeler

Age: Born 1944 Sex: M  Hgt:   Wgt: 175

Last Known Address:  

Underwood Rd. Matthews, NC


Wanted For: 

Criminal Sexual Conduct 

Darrail Kirkland

Age: Born 1989  Sex: M  Hgt: 5'08"  Wgt: 175


Last Known Address:  

Hunter's Ridge Rd. Lancaster


Wanted For: 

Unlawful Neglect of a Child, Possession of a Weapon During Commission of Violent Crime

Jeff David Price

Age: 58  Sex: M  Hgt: 5'11"  Wgt: 180


Last Known Address:  

3530 Prince Rd. Augusta, GA


Wanted For: 

Family Court Bench Warrant

Dustin Lyle Naundorff

Age: Born 1991  Sex: M  Hgt: 5'10"  Wgt: 150


Last Known Address:  

McCain Rd. Waxhaw, NC


Wanted For: 

Armed Robbery

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