Monday, January 23, 2017
Employee of the 4th Quarter and Employee of the Year Selected
The Sheriff’s Office would like to congratulate Deputy Dean Griffey for being selected as the employee of the 4th Quarter, 2012. Deputy Griffey was nominated after catching a burglary suspect in the process of breaking into a local business. The apprehension of the suspect led to the suspect’s arrest in several other burglaries in the area. Great job.

The Sheriff’s Office would also like to congratulate Investigator Ken Taylor for being selected as the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office 2012 Employee of the Year. Inv. Taylor was selected as the employee of the 2nd Quarter 2012 and selected by the Command Staff as the Employee of the Year. Inv. Taylor received his award at this year’s Christmas Party. Inv. Taylor is a nationally certified crime scene investigator.  Ken is an extremely hard worker who has shown his willingness to always do whatever was needed to get the job done. Inv. Taylor’s expertise with finger print recognition and comparison has been the key to solving numerous cases over the last few years. Great Job.
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