Monday, January 23, 2017
Investigator Thompson Named South Carolina's Deputy Sheriff Of The Year

Sheriff Faile is proud to announce that for the second year in a row, the Deputy Sheriff of the Year is employed at the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office. On July 18th, 20112 Investigator Fred Thompson was named Deputy Sheriff of the year by the South Carolina Sheriff’s Association. Inv. Thompson received the award at the 2012 Sheriff’s Association Conference held in Hilton Head last week. 
Investigator Thompson currently serves as the Sheriff’s Office Gang Investigator. Inv. Thompson is a relentless investigator who works tirelessly to document, identify, and prosecute criminal gang members. Inv. Thompson’s most valuable tool in his arsenal against criminal gangs is his ability to educate. Inv. Thompson has attended numerous engagements where he has worked with at risk youth to intervene, prevent, and educate young people about the risks associated with criminal gang activity. Inv. Thompson has taught awareness programs throughout Lancaster County at local schools, crime watches, and civic groups. Inv. Thompson has worked with the full spectrum of people from students to faculty and children to parents.
Investigator Thompson was nominated by his supervisors for the award and a detailed list of his accomplishments was forwarded to the Sheriff’s Association. An outside committee then selected him as the honoree.  

Sheriff Faile said, “Investigator Thompson has given this department and this County something to brag about. It’s a great honor and we are really proud of him. Fred’s hard work and dedication has earned him this honor. Now everyone knows what we already knew. The Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office has some of the best Law Enforcement Officers in the State.”

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