Wednesday, January 18, 2017
Kristal Stroud Named Employee of the Quarter

Over the last few months Kristal Stroud has shown incredible dedication and hard work.  Kristal recently led the DUI Enforcement team through  another successful audit.  Kristal does a good job managing and organizing her grants.  In addition to her duties as the Grants officer, Kristal also serves at the ATAC for NCIC.  There have been numerous changes within the area of NCIC and records over the last few months.  Kristal has been an integral part of that successful transition.  Kristal worked very hard to organized the warrants and NCIC procedures.  Kristal has played a vital role in the training of the newly hired administrative clerks.  The success of that transition would not hav ebeen so successful were it not for Kristal's work.

In additionto her other duties, Kristal remains on call as a back up Victim's Advocate.  Kristal has assisted several victims during this same time.

We are most impressed by Kristal's willingness and ability to step in as our temporary Crime Analyst on top of everything else she is tasked to do.  Kristal's knowledge of RMS and general Sheriff's Office operations have allowed her to step in and successfully fill this role.  Even though this is outside of Kristal's normal job duties, she has been able to successfully providevaluable information. 

Over the last quarter, Kristal has shown through her team work, dedication, and work ethic that s he is a tremendous asset to this agency.  
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